About Us


We are Nativus SAC, and started in the export business of natural and diet supplements back in 1997. You may see our old 1990’s style website at the Internet Archive  from when our company was named “Productos Tropicales Naturistas SA” which means Natural Tropical Products, and we used the Spanish initial letters for the website: http://www.ptnsa.com. We still own that domain, but with not content for now. You may view the old website at the Internet Archive

We also started selling online Maca root (which is actually a hypocotyl, not a root) back in 1999 thru our old website http://www.ptnsa.com mentioned above. In 2003, we started selling Maca products with own brand: Peruvian-Maca.com thru the website with the same name: Peruvian-Maca.com. We were the number one online retailers of Maca products from 1999 up until 2009 when Maca started to become famous in the USA, and Europe, and only then could be found at different grocey markets and convenience stores.

Also, in 2003, we decided to change our company name to Amazon Nutrition since the majority of the products we offered came from the Amazon Jungle. Products like Cat’s Claw, Sangre de Grado, Cacao, Chuchuhuasi are all found in the Amazon area. We also decided to update our site according to early 200o designs. You may visit that site design at the Internet Archive.

In 2013, we decided to rename our brand and company to Nativus since it is a latin name that it is easily identified with “nature” or “natural”, and aggressively moved our production to include mostly organic and ecological products, and our new company and website that you are now visiting was born. Since we started, we have also moved to new offices, and our production and manufacturing facility in Lima.

Our contact information:

Nativus SAC
San Vicente de Paul 120. Rinconada del Lago, La Molina
Lima – Peru
Phone: +51-1-4677377
Whatsapp: +51-938-393-662
Skype: santos.jaimes
Web contact: here